Friday, January 11, 2008


Spicy Tomato Rasam

Rice Roti

Rice Idli


Murukku (Rice Chakli)

Medhu Vada

Kesari Bhath


Rava Idli with Sagoo

Coconutmilk Dosas

Ahhh, South India - the region of mouthwatering dosas, idlis, vadas, and the lipsmacking aroma of sambars and rasams. This week I bring to you an array of the wonderful delicacies from the southern parts of the Indian Continent.
Though the south indians do use wheat and other grains in fair amounts, yet rice forms the staple diet here. An unimaginable variety of dishes prepared with great care, from rice, have in recent times, become popular not only in all other parts of India but many parts of the world. Though some of the delicacies are fried, most of the items are good wholesome balanced dishes, consisting of dal, rice, vegetables, etc. all used in on recipe.
The people in this region, though mainly rice eaters are not very fond of the basmati or long grain rice. The rice used is normally ordinary short grain rice, brown rice and parboiled rice, used for idlis, dosas and other dishes where the rice batter has to be fermented. Parboiled rice looks thick, slightly transparent and is processed before selling in stores. At one time not available elsewhere, it is nowadays available in many towns all over India, and even in some Indian provision stores in other countries like the US, UK, etc.
Wherever soaking of grain is required, or fermenting of the batter is called for, do not pinch on the hours required. Only when the soaking and fermenting processes are properly executed, will the end product have the required softness, lightness and taste.
Grinding the soaked grain in a stone grinder by hand will turn out the best end product. This method though, has become restricted to the traditional south indian homes these days. An electrical stone grinder will also give excellent results. If there is not alternative then an electrical mixer-grinder may be used, but the result though good, may not be the same as the former.
Since South Indian dishes required a lot of soaking, grinding, steaming, etc., to enjoy the dishes, and yet not be left stuck in the kitchen for hours, plan your cooking. Do the steaming, grinding, soaking, etc. while preparing the previous meal. Eg. if you are going to use the pressure cooker for lunch, might as well steam the sambar dal too!
Though lengthy the accompaniments and dishes can be prepared more than 75%, way ahead of time, so when you are entertaining, there is plenty of time to spend with the guests.
Along with this week's recipes, please refer also the weeks on 'dosas', 'chutneys', 'rices' for South Indian recipes already covered
The first time may not be exactly superb results, but a little care and practice, and lots of patience will be worth their while.

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Readers' Contributions: South Indian Dishes

Other South Indian Dishes



Coconut Milk Rasam by Veena
Shimoga Rasam by Brunda Sudhir
Pineapple rasam by Raghu
Poricha Rasam by Bharga Venkat
Pacha Kollu Rasam by Niranjana
Rasam with no Tamarind by Vinita
Lemon Rasam by Veena
Easy Tomato Rasam by Chaitra Deshmukh
Spicy Cumin Rasam by RathiSelva
Rasam by Deepa
Toor Dall Rasam by Kiran
Carrot Rasam by RatnaParam
Telangana Rasam by Ravi Yedati
Buttermilk Rasam by Padmapriya
Tomato Rasam by Raghu
Pineapple Rasam by Vidya
Pineapple Rasam by Padmapriya
Mysore Rasam by Natarajan
Tomato Rasam by Naganaresh
Drumstick Rasam by Shweta
Microwave Rasam by Lavanya
Garlic Rasam by Prema
Rasam-Veppambu by Geetha
Kandathippilli Rasam by Savitha
Ginger Lemon Rasam by Sowmya
Ginger Rasam by Roopa Mahesh
Lime Rasam by Naganaresh
Mjjiga Charu by Bhanu
Pudhina Rasam by SarayuRajesh
Chickpeas Rasam by Naganaresh
Mysore Rasam by Sowmya
Kai Rasam by Sowmya
5 Minute Rasam by Anita
Methi Sambhar by Vidhya
Tomato Rasam by Bargavi
Mangalorean's style Rasam by Vidya
Jeera-Pepper Rasam by Chitra
Dhal-less Tomato rasam by Chitra
Delicious Rasam by VaniBalaji
Pineapple Rasam by Sangita
Garlic Rasam by Revathi
Milagu-paruppu Rasam by Chithra
Ginger Rasam by Meenakshi
Spicy Hot Rasam by Sai
Mysore Rasam Powder by Kousalya
Ginger Rasam by Revathi
Molagu (Pepper) Rasam by Usha
Beetroot Rasam by Subiyer
Black Pepper Rasam by Sunitha
Lime Rasam by Latha
Mysore Rasam by Vandana
Pepper Rasam by Smitha
Mysore Rasam by Aparna
Mysore Rasam by Vidhya
Nepatya Rasam by Vembar Dwarkanath
Tomato Rasam by Viji Patil
Rasam by Keerti
Pineapple Garlic Rasam by Vidya Narayanan
Rasam by Sridevi


Chana Kulambu by Vanithasaran
Spring Onion Sambar by Smitha
Sambhar in Ease by Sangeeta Gopal
Tomato Gozhu by Kamakshi Parameswarn
More Kulzambu (Buttermilk Sambar) by Sudha Narayanan
Sambahar by Somya
Sambharam by Mahalakshmi
Hotel Sambhar by Shantha
Capsicum Sambar by Aruna
Curry Leaves Sambar by Vijisathya
Brinjal Onion Sambar by PadmaPriya
Curry Leaves Kolambu by Vidya
Kozhambu (Sambhar) by Ranjini
Sambhar for Idlis by Janani
Sodhi (Coconut Milk Kulambu) by Anu
Sambhar by Vidya
Poricha Kuzhambhu by Sunitha
Poricha Kuzhambu by Subramanian
Poricha Kozhambu by Rathi
Coconut Sambhar by Sapna
Vendakkai (Okra) Kuzhambu by Sowmia Prakash
Milagu Moor Kuzhambu by Sudha Thiagaraj
Mor Kuzambu by Malini
Milagu Kuzambu by Prema
Garlic Poritha Kuzhambu by Priya
Spicy Sambhar by Amruta Pitkar
Horse Gram Sambar by Deepa Sriram
Brinjal Puli Kozambhu by Kalavathy
Mor Kuzhambu by Padma
Kerala Style Sambar by Sangeetha
Keralastyle Kuzhambu by Nithya
Araichu Vitta Samabr by Priya Ram
Tasty Sambar by Ramya
Poritha Kuzhambu by Vanitha
Karakuzhambu by Vaishnavi
Sweet Sambhar by Bhanumathi
Kutti Vengaaya Kaara Kuzhambu by Deepa
Sambar by Kalavathy
Pineapple Mor Kuzhambu by Raji
Broccoli Beans Koottu by Mini Ramchandran
Quick Sambhar by Puneet
Millagu Koyambu by Anandhi
Morkuzhambu by Varalaxmi
Udupi Sambhar by Naga
Cabbage Poricha Kozhambu by Well Wisher
Coconut Kozhambu by Well Wisher
Grand Sambar by Mamata
Sambar by Premlata
Mango Kuzhambu by Gomthy
Kola Oorundai Kulambu by Uma
Small Onion Sambhar by Bargavi
Kaima Urundai Kozhambu by Naresh
Thaalatha Kozhambu by Gomathi
Kathrikka Masala Kozhambu by Ranjini
Easy Sambhar Without Tamarind by Vidya
Poondu Kolambu by Revathi
Vattal Kozhambu by Chithra
Microwave Vatral Kuzhambu by Lavanya
Mooli Sambhar by Viju
Mambaza Kozambu by Lalita
Karuvaeppilai Kuzhambu by Radha Jagan
Poondu Kuzhambu by Kanchana
Omum Kozhumbu by Shyama
Sambhar by Mamta Pai
Sambhar by Anil Pai
Inji Kozhambu by Radha Jagan
Thenga Kozhambu by Krithika
Paruppu Urundai Kuzhambu by Chithra
Tirunelveli Sambhar by Ananthi Subbiah
Sambhar by Sudha
Arichavita Sambar (Grinded Coconut Sambar) by Sundari
Thakkali Kozhambu (Tomato Dish) by Ramsundar Lakshminarayanan


Semiya Payasam (Vermicelli) by Shristi
Aanapakaya Payasam by Shristi
Paal (Milk) Payasam by Nandini
KhasKhas Payasam by Prema
Paruppu Payasam by Vidya
Baandhacopir (Cabbage) Payesh by Piyali
Kalyana Payasam by Natrajan
Carrot Cashew Payasam by Prema
Easy Paal Payasam by Sunita Nair
Gasagase Payasa by Umesha Hassan
Sorakaya Payasam by Sharada
Instant Paal Payasam by Jayasree
Poori Payasam by Padmini
Rava Payasam
Mango Payasam by Mrs. Ranjani
Semya (Vermicelli) Payasam by Jaya
Shavge Payasam by Anitha
Kalyaana Paayasam by Madhu
Parpu Payasam by Hema
Ari Payasam by Priya
Sabhudana Payasam by Hema
Aval Payasam by Narmadha
Pal Payasam by Sangeetha
Nei Payasam by Priya


Sandwich Idli by Hema
Royal Idli by Swetha
Adai by Srividhya Hariharan
Kuzhi Paniyarama by Radha
Kaima Idli by Srividya Saishankar
Raagi (nachni)adai by Vimla
Rawa Idli by Chitra
Appam by Sangeetha
Mungdal Muruku by Lakshmi
Vegetable Adai by Shantha
Adai by Gayathri
Rava Adai by Meenalochani
Muruku by Y.Ranganayakamma
Stuffed Idlis by Vidya Chander
Special Idly by Sunil
Idli and Chatni by Geeta
Rice Methi Adai by Vasanthi
Methi Leaves Adai by Priya Ravi
Idli by Sheela Venkatesh
Sago Murukku by Renuka Devi
Idli by Susan Abraham
Inippu Vadai (Sweet Wada) by R. Singaravelavan
Mullu Murruku (Chakli) by Radhika
Chettinad Vellai Appam by Sumathy Venkat
Yummy Thayir Vadai by Madhu Balu
Sooji-Vermicelli Idli by Geetha
Dhal Idli by Girija
Instant Rava Idli by Sanjita
Idli by Saraswathi
Pumpkin Sweet Idli by Roopa Vernekar
Pottukkadalai Bonda by Saroja
Tasty Butter Murukku by Raji
Rava Idli by Anusuya
Thavalai Adai by Sashikala
Thenguzhal by Susila
Cheedai - Uppu and Vellam by Vidya
Dahi Vada by Revathi Sreedar
Mysore Bajji by Jyotshna
Mangalore Bonda by Sharanya
Oomapodi by Rajashri
Chakali (Murukku) by Sandhya
Muruku by Chaitanya
Mangalore Bonda by Neha
Sabudana Murukku by Sailaja
Mysore Bonda by Vani
Aalu Bonda (AP Dish) by Maduri


Pudina Chutney by Chandra
Tomato Chutney by Karunakaran
Karela Chutney Powder by Swetha S Nayak.
Peerkangai Thogayal by Raji
Spicy Coconut Thuvayal by Raji
Mango Pachadi by Premlata
Beetroot Leaf Thuvayal by Shanmugapriya
Mango Pachchadi by Chandrika
Bisibela Bath Powder by Rani
Kadalebele (Channadal) Chutney by Varsha
Ridge Gourd Gojju by Veena
Paruppu Thogayal by Chitra Suresh
Green Chilli Thokku by Shantha
Coriander Powder for Idli (Idli Podi) by Mahalakshmi
Tomato Thokku by Shanthi
Coconut Pudhina Thohaiyal by Mrs. Mano Saminathan
Cho Cho Thuvaiyal by Radhika
Mango Tokku by Malini V Rao
Onion Chutney by Naga
Gojju Powder by Jani
Paruppu Thogayal by Jay Krishnan
Tomato Thokku by Usha
Parappu Togayal by Pearl
Podi (Dry Chutneys) by Pearl
Onion Theeyal by Ajitha
Peerkankai Thokayal by Anuradha
Tomato Thugayal by RajiMani
Theeyal by Manoj
Tomato Thokku by Radha
Tomato Thokku by Nandini
Katthirikai Thugayal by Rajeswari
Tomato Thokku by Priya
Brinjal Thuvaiyal by Hemanarayan
Thohayal by Krithika


Aval Puttu by Santhi Rajagopal
Rawplantain Channa Usili by Shobha
Vazhapoo Paruppu-Usuli by Lavanya
Potato Kozhambu by Uma Seshadri
Karela Gojjur by Shoba Rao
Cauliflower Tomato Morkhozhambu by Bhavani Ramamoorthi
Masala Kadubu by Girija Veerana
Mango Pulisheri by Deera
Mango Chitranna by Saroja Satyanarayana
Kottu Kozhambhu by Mrs.Srikala Sundar
Bendi by Pragati Kamath
Banana Thali by Nandu
Avial by Usha
Aamai Vadai by Latha Balaji
Adai by Jyoti MV
Uyindu Koyakattai by Jyoti Meenakshy
Tuvar dal Nuchinunde by Geetha
Appam by Shermin
Inchi Curry by Maya
Ennai Katrikai by Sunita
Instant Tomato Pachadi by Malathy
Gojju Avalakki by Saroja Satyanarayana
Coriander Podi/Dry Curry by Madhavi Menta
Bisibelebath by Prathima Rao
Instant Mango Gojju by Sunanda Bharadwaj
Karela (Kayapakka ) Pachadi by Premlata Nambiar
Mudhu Palya by Savitha
Tomato Aviyal by Vidya
Aviyal by Vishala
Sorra Puttu by Anita
Red Bell Pepper Usili by Prabha
Keerai Kootu by Ramya
Cucumber Koottu by Preethi
Cilantro Kootu by Anu
Upmav Koyakatta by Preetha
Kozhu by Maya
Thairu Mulaku by Anu
Kadagu Puli by Ranjini
Colaccasia Roast by Viday
Spaghatti Vegetable Soup by Vaishnavi
Vazhapoo Porial by Jessie
Spinach Kootu by Ramya
Tomato Morkootan by Lekha
Red Bell Pepper Usili by Prabha
Aviyal by Maganthy
Easy Cabbage Kootu by Sharmila
Cabbage Thoran by Priya Mohan
Mango Pachchadi by Chandrika
Ammani Kozhukattai by Krithicka
Bavakkai Oorukai by Seethalakshmi
Brinjal Pitlay by Raghu
Banana Flower Paatholi by Sarada
Watte Koumbo by Somya
Cucumber Avakai by Padma
Okra Masala Kuzhambu by Usha
Nuchchina by Prafulla
Microwave Parupu Usili by Lalitha
Broccoli Paruppu Usili by Padma
Cheera Parippe by Vini
Paal (Milk) Payasam by Nandini Ravi
Onion And Tomato Morekuzhambu by Seethalakshmi
Easy Thenkuzhal by Jeyanthi
Cilantro Kootu by Anu
Sweet Dish-Buralu by Amita
Kalkandu Bath by Natarajan
Rasam by Suma
Poori Kilangu by Punitha George
Jeera Kuzhambu by Kalavathi
Potato Podimas by Sharada
Cabbage Paruppu Curry by Prema
Aval Kesari by ShilpaVenkatesh
Drumstick Kolambu by Lakshmi
Pulla Kura by Syamala
Potato And Cucumber Kootu by Rani
Molagu Kuzhambu by Padma
Keerai Molgaukootan by Rani
Kovakai Masala by Lavanya
Avial by Vijisathya
Plain Adai by Rani Srinivasan
Kodbale by Anupama
Mambazha Pulissery by Seethalakshmi
Kozhukkatta With Jaggery by Deepthy Nair
Kerala Appam by Deepthy Nair
Brinjal Perugu Pachadi by Usha Prasad
Chow Chow kootu (South Indian side dish) by Hemalatha
Raddish Puttu by Shantha
Tasty Idli Fry by Jayanti
Vegetable Patholi by Rajyalakshmi Philkana
Spicy Idli Roast by Preetha Ajit
Beans Paruppu Usili by Natarajan
Sweet Pongal by Sridhara
Protein-Rich Adai by Rajalakshmi
Spinach Dal (Paalakoora Pulusu-koora) by Harini
Raw Plantain (Aratikaaya) Curry by Subbalakshmi
Murungaikerai Porial by Dr. Kalavathi
Panasakai (Raw Jackfruit) Eguru by Vandana
Karela Kootoo by Sriram Iyer
Brinjal Kothsu by Sujatha
Sweet Dal (Hayagreeva) by Chaya
Appam by Laly
Kuttu by Malini
Aviyal with Tofu by Well Wisher
Tomato Pappu by Kshiti Dubey
Knol Khol Palya by Roopa Vernekar
Melon Huli by Roopa Vernekar
Tomato Perugu Pachhdi by Syamala
Chou Chou Mor Kootu by Padmapriya
Brinjal Plantain Kootu by Padmapriya
Pavakai Peratal (Karela Masala) by Lavanya
Appalam VathaKozhambhu by Padmapriya
Brinjal Gothsu by Usha
Inji Curry (Ginger Curry) by Farzana Malik
Bean Sprout Paruppu Usili by Radha
Drumstick Leaf Adai by Prema Gopinath
Rawa Paniyaram by Sophia Antony
Brussel Sprouts Sambhar by Kavithasagar
Red Pumpkin Race by Natarajan
Uraddaal Laddu by Syamala
Thoran by Renu
Majjige Huli by Lakshmi Prasad
Buttermilk Chillies by Swarna Latha
Padi Puli Padi More by Prabha Mangsuli
Appe by Supriya
Adai by Natarajan
Maa Inji Thokku (Mango Ginger Pickle) by Singaravelavan.R.
Thirvathirai Kali by Prema
Sweet Balls (Poornam) by Bindu
Bevu Bella (Ugadi Special) by Umaumesh
Spinach Pachadi by Rupa
Appam by Anitha Roy
Yellow Pumpkin Adai by Rekha
Majjige Huli by Jyoti Pai
Vegetable Kootu by Srilatha Rao
Charu by Kanakadurga D Rao
Dangar Pachadi by Sas Srinivasan
Pineapple Pachadi by Santhy
Vivikkam by R.Singaravelavan
Wheat Rava Idli by Jayashree
Paal Payasam by Rama
Therati Paal by Rama
Capsicum Perugu Pachchadi by Durgasridhar
Simple Pongal by Sujay
Pitlai by Rama
Parboiled Rice Kozhukkattai by Srividya
Aval Idli by Jayashree
Mango Pachdi by Mahalakshmi
Rava Pongal by Vimla
Molaghashyam by Latha
Thiyare by Vidya
Paruppu Thogaial by Saroja
Gobbi Koora by Bhanumathi
Ericheri by Saroja
Appam by Hema
Sweet Pepper Paruppu Usili by Radhika
Ulliporakala Pulusu (Spring Onions in Gravy) by Pratima
Banana Flower Parupu Usili by Divya
Thirshman Kuttan by Savitha
Puliyogere by Sonia
Cabbage Kootu by Rama
Purwalankai by Lalita Iyer
Pesarattu Rolls by Lakshmi
Spicy Vatha Kozambhu by Manjula
Beans Paruppu Usili by Sowmia Prakash
Kadamba Saadam by Veena
Vankaya Menthi Kaaram Koora by Rama
Paruppu Usili by Rama
Milk Kozhakattai by Chandra
Pineapple Gojju by Veena
Embran Kootaan by Sudha Mohe
Brinjal Gotsu by Rupathika
Sambhar Masala by Saritha
Inji Marundhu or Ginger Medicine by Vidya
Kadgi Chakko by Asha
Pullangai Unde by Sudha
Sajjappa by Mala
Molagu Kozhambu by Gayatri Kumaresh
Aviyal by Jayasree
Easy Brinjal Gothsu by Sanjana
Spinach Gravy by Maha Krishna
Perugu Pachadi by Madhu
Chintachiguru Patchadi by Veena
Perugu Karasu by Veena komandur
Traditional Pongal by Asha
Kozukattai by Chitra
Tapioca Aviyal by Rakhee
Black Eyed Beans Or Mocchakottai Kootu by Sharadha
Ambode by L. Padmini
Siru Payiru Kootu by Sharadha
Babattlu by Padma
Menthi Majjiga by Subbalakshmi
Porridge by Mahalaxmin Vaidyanath
Rava Thenguzal by Mrs. Ranjani
Kaththirikkai Rasavangi by Priya Ram
Kaththirikkai Kochchu by Priya Ram
Avial by Geetha
Pasiparuppu Ladoo by Hema Mohan
Moongdal Puttu by Jayalakshmi
Chena Curry (Yam Curry) by Uma
Coconut Sweet by Umaumesh
Tenkuzhal by Shamala
Molakoottal by Vidya Sarma
Ripe Mango Khuzhambu by Jayasree Santhanam
Kanjeevaram Idli by Meenal
Avakaya by Subbalakshmi
Kajjikaya by Subbalakshmi
Thenga Araicha Kuzhambu by Ranjani
Sweet Pongal by Jayanthy
Chilled Curd Idlis by Meenal
Jackfruit Sweet Idli by Mrs. Padma
Adai by Rohini
Karbuza (Cantaloupe) Rasayan by Sudha Rao
Avial with Tofu by Meena
Hagalkai China Gojju by Jani
Kannada Gojju by Jani
Savari Gojju by Jani
Eggplant Gojju by Jani
Avakai by Subbalkashmi
South Indian Mango Pickle (Avakaee) by Ratna
Coconut Sambal by Revathy Elangovan
Pesara Avakai by Lakshmi
Karchikayi by Surabhi
Instant Theratti Pal by Aanand Krishnan
Kanjeevaram Idli by Meenal
Doota Koora by Bhanu
Puddi Sagle by Jyoti Pai
Hasi Majjigge by Smita
Rava Idli by Shamala
Chanadal With Coconut Powder by Madhavi
Rava Pongal by Kavitha
Erisheri by Veena
Kerala Kute Curry by Seema
Chenai fry (Karunai Kizhangu) by Vasantha
Instant Theratupaal by Vidhya
Majjiga Pulusu (South Indian Kadi) by Ragamayi
Tambuli by Vani
Vellarikkai (Cucumber) Koott by Rekha
Kozhikatta by Priya
Paniyarams by Jayashree
Mamapazha Koottan by V. Sundaram
Semiya Idlis by Sudha
South Indian Kadi (Majjiga Pulusu) by Mohan
Zucchini Tomato Poduthuval by Anantha Krishnan
Kozhakattai by Rajini
Kavunarusi by Uma
Quick Uthappam by Nalini
Holige (Obbattu) by Umaumesh
South Indian Curry by Vidhya Ajoy
Sagoo by Shiva
Kootu by Shiva
Idli Fry by Anu
Avalakki Bisi Bele Bath by Vani
Rava Idli by Sushma
Spinach Kootu by Sudha
Yerseri by Lakshmi
Iru Puli Kozhyambu by Meenakshi
Maida Kozhukattai by Madhu
Bissi Belle Hulianna by Uma
Ammini Kozhakkattai by Muthulakshmi
Kanchipuram Idli by Priya
South Indian Vegetables by Geeta
Semia Bakalabath by Amrita
Yummy Idli and Chutney by Radha
Pahakai (Karela) Pitlai by Sowmya
Bittergourd Gojju by Sangita
Sweet Pongal (Chakara Pongal) by Usha
Paanagam by Srilatha
Idli Pizza by Parvani
Payathamparuppu Masial by Srividya
Avial by Priya
Pacchi Majjiga by Lakshmi
Cucumber Kootu by Anu
Idlis by Renuka
Paanagam by Lakshmi
Kurukku Kalan by Nandini
Kancheepuram Idlis by Bargavi
Nippattu by Vyshali
Rice Pongal by Soumini
Pulikaichal by Chithra
Dahi-Idli by Girija
Gojju by Sandhya
Hoovina Gojju by Sandhya
Drumstick Kootu by Kamala
Kadubu by Rekha
Avial by Priya
Olan by Priya
Traditional Pesari Pappu by Sumana
Ambode by Sandhya
Andhra Pesarattu with Ginger Chutney by Jayanthi
Green Tomato Avial by Santhy
Rava Idli by Uma
Kodubalay by Narmadha
Patoli by Gayatri
Shunthi (Ginger) Tambuli by Chitra
MoorKulu by Dr.Hemalatha
Majjige Huli by Sandhya
Puliadharai by Vidya
Thengapaal Kanji by Revathy
Moru Kaalan by Babitha
Korma for Idli and Dosas by Gita
Pradhaman by Ranjani
Kachya moru by Manoj
Chitranna by Jyoti Pai
Baked Appams by Savita
Puli Ingi by Veena
Spinach Milagootal by Radhai
Vazzaikkai Podimas by Geetha
Molagutal by Sujatha
Nune Vankaya by Madhavi
Mangai ArachuKalaki by Sumi
Mambazha Morekuzhambu by Mala
Mumura (Puri) Upama by Mrs Devika
Aval Uppma by Sheetal
Aviayal by VaniBalaji
Valval by Jyoti Pai
Eriseri by Manoj
Poricha Kuzhambu by Vidhya
Ragi Puttu by Bharathi
Pall Kollakattai by Bharathi
Vennaipoottu by Bharathi
Masala Gaare by Pavani
Nucchina Unde by Meena
Avalakki Oggrane by VaniBalaji
Poricha Kootu by Sowmya
Chalna by Malathy
Pesarattu by Prasad
Avial by Hema Iyer
Curd Semiya by VijiAshok
Fluffy Idlis by Savita
Vendakkai (Ladies Finger) MorKozhambu by Malathi
Tomato Kurma for Idli by Prema
Fried Iddlis by Chithra
Maddur Vada and Rava Kodabale by Devika
Vangibath by Prathibha
Fried Idli by Raji
Mampazha Kootaan by Raji
Spicy Rice/Mung Bean Noodles by Hema Sreedhar
Mysore Paagu by Girija Raghavan
Keerai Kootu by Anil
Venn Pongal by Sonya
Aapam by Vidya
Morrappam by Hema
Patholi by Suryavalli
Pavakkai Pittlai by Rajashri
Pulipu Keerai by Priya
Sagu (Karnataka Style) by Padmini
Rava Kollakattai by Viji
Tapioca by Labby
Aloo-Chana Ghessi by Gayathri
Kosambari by Priya
Rawa Idli by Nirmala
Indian Squash with Til by Hima
Saboodana Idly by Neetha
Khara Kadabu by Shamala
Guntha Ponganalu by Lakshmi
Mango Menskai by Shubha
Pal(Milk) Kolukattai by Reeha
Moorekuttu by Hema
Pumpkin Gojju by Roopa
Thenka Pal Kozhukattai by Chandra
Raw Banana Podimas by Suresh
Maalaadu by Kamala
Pindi Miriam by Sunita
Kathirikkai Gothsu by Shanbagam
Baingan Toran by Bina
Maelagu-Kozhambhu and More-Kootaan by Shiva
Rava Pulihora by Swarna
Majjige Huli (Curd Curry) by Mamtha
Aviyal by Ramya
Kancheepuram Idli by Deepa
Khusboo Idli by Nalini
Idli Itsy Bitesy by Susheila
Kootu by Jayanthi
Kancheepuram Idli by Kannammai
Parrupu Usli by Nandini
Paruppu Usili by Ramya
Pineapple Gojju by Ekta
Bobbatlu by Neela
Khara Pongal by Roopashri
Steamed Arvi by Shubha
Talipattu by Shamala
Huli Avalakki by Rekha Sastry
Stuffed Idlis by Shamalajanardhanan
Chakkara Pongal by Uma
Ragi Mudhe by Lilly
Akara Vadisal by Aparna
Majjige Huli by Chaitra
Mor Kuzlambu by Chandra
Rice Poridge (Hullinuchu) by Sharmila
Sarvapindi by Kavitha
Uppuma Kozhakattai by Bindu
Pumpkin Koottu by Latha
Sevai Rasu by Rekha
Mor Kali by Lavanya
Pesarattu by Saran
Paruppu Usili by Geetha
Cabbage Milagootal by Mahuya
Kadagu Puli by Shruti Kumar
Masala Pesarattu by Sheela Srinivas
Paruppu Usili by Uma Krishnan
Paruppu Usili Recipe by Kamalahasan
Pongal by Radhika Jandhyala
Tomato-Onion Aviyal by Priya Subramanian
Sundal by Rajashri Ramesh
Molakootal by Lekha Sridar
Modhakam (Kolakatte) by Padma Rao
Rava Idli by Rekha Hegde
Instant Rava Idli by Anitha
Vepdu by Suma
Chakkar Pongal by Lalita
Karnataka style Kootu by Pratibha Enjeti
Saagu (Karnataka Style) by Savitha Atur
Chintapandu Pullihara by Kamalavasu
Dahi Baigan (Oriya Dish) by Renuka Panda
Kozhambu (buttermilk, pepper) by Vanaja Raj
Nippattu by Deepa
Kozukkattai (Stuffed Rice Balls) by Gayathri Hariharan
Kadabu by Deepa
Mysore Kadhi by Padma Rao
Venn Pongal by Aarthi
Kodubale by Veena
Tamilian Kurma by Priya
Tomato Saar by Gauri
Vellayappam by Sreelatha
Kodbale by Chaitanya
Utappam by Sreelatha
Veg Buttermilk Stew (More Kootu) by Anuradha
Batate Hummane by Uday Pai
Kakra (Oriya Dish) by Renuka
Kobbari Gojju by Sridevi Iyengar
Milagoottal by Hema
Pauruti Upma (Oriya Dish) by Renuka Panda
Mix Flour & Cabbage Uttappam by Shruti



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